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Interview with ALESSIO D’ERCOLE: „Subjects like work-life balance, flexible employment, non-monetary benefits, sense of purpose at work will be key topics to look at for the next future”

ALESSIO D’ERCOLE is Global HR Director R&D at L’ORÉAL. He is a multi-industry HR leader with more than 15 years of progressive worldwide experience. Expert in Change Management and Organizational Development. Master’s degree in management engineering, experience in strategic consultancy (Accenture) and then specialization in HR, through generalist and specialist roles in major sport events (Olympic Organizing Committee) and then big corporations across several industries (Case New Holland, Alstom, L’Oréal).

In-depth experience of complex end-to-end change programs and turnaround initiatives track record. Lived in Italy, UK, Switzerland and France.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did your relationship with HR begin?

Alessio: It all started… to play in the Olympic Games. After my master in management engineering and few years in a strategic consultancy company, I knew I wanted to use my analytical skills in a less technical job, and so when my manager at that time asked me to join her to reinforce the HR department of the Turin 2006 Olympic Games Organising committee, I said… yes! And almost 15 years after I’m still there (well, I mean in the HR world, because the – amazing – games where quickly over and many others took place, without me, since 2006.)

What are the HR trends that you think will define the new decade?

Alessio: Many things are happening nowadays, but I can see two main trends for the years to come:

  • The key impact of the digital revolution, where AI will redefine the value chain of the HR function by providing complex data set to support human decisions.
  • The necessity for HR to reinvent workplaces to embrace the key shifts of our time (climate change and sustainability, new drivers for employee engagement focused around employee experience, new cultural influences, tech disruption).

These exciting changes will shape a new HR role, which will be key to help the company to achieve the business goal by leveraging the human capital.

Is the future of workplace ”endangered” by the AI?

Alessio: Revolutions are, as always, a threat and an opportunity, it all depends how we look at it. Clearly AI will change the way we leverage data and so many jobs will be impacted. Like computers or internet before, I think AI will change the workplace landscape without reducing the need of human interactions and intervention.

It will allow many jobs to focus on value added activities by automatizing several transactional process and providing more precise data-driven scenarios, which will help human decision making processes.

What do you consider to be the employee benefits that could drive the highest employee motivation/satisfaction/retention/engagement?

Alessio: We are moving away from the classical engagement drivers which led the job market in the last decades, in order to privilege a more holistic view, where private and professional lives are not disconnected anymore and every employee looks mainly at his/her global satisfaction.

Subjects like work-life balance, flexible employment, non-monetary benefits, sense of purpose at work will key topics to look at for the next future.


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